An “Expat” Thanksgiving

I’m a foodie and a homebody–which is my way of saying “I’m lazy and I eat too much.” So it’s safe to say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Watching bad Macy’s Parade performances, feasting on food I only pretended to help cook (out of concern for the well-being of everyone involved,) and spending the day lounging and bonding with my incredible family. It’s always a pretty perfect day.

There are only a handful of things in this world I would ever consider worthy enough to interfere with my Thanksgiving.

Studying in Europe happens to be one of them.

This morning, instead of making deviled eggs while catching pieces of the parade, I’ll be boarding a bus full of students from all over the world. This afternoon, instead of helping myself to a second plate of turkey and dressing, I’ll be wandering around Munich looking for a hot chocolate place.

This Thanksgiving is by no means better than a Thanksgiving at home. The food is not nearly as satisfying, (sorry, Germany) and my family is much too far away. But it’s an entirely new and incredible experience. One that I’m so grateful for.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving (and the Disney-fied account of history on which we base the holiday) here are just a few of the many things I am grateful for this year:

  • My parents who always support me, no matter how crazy my aspirations are or how often they change.
  • My baby brother for being my entertainer, my sounding board and my sidekick.
  • All my extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) who never fail to make every holiday an entertaining and enjoyable one.
  • My soulmate of a best friend who is patiently awaiting my return for date night. God bless her.
  • Narnia for always being the place I can run to with my problems or funny cat pictures.
  • Inside jokes.
  • A new friend who is always up for a little adventure.
  • Internet which has been my lifeline to home when I needed one.
  • Also, free Wifi. Which rarely exists in Europe. It’s a travesty.
  • Yufka.
  • Netflix.
  • Tuition-free German education.

I could go on, but the more I talk about my life the more I feel like I’m just bragging. I have been so blessed, and every second I get to live this life is a gift I’m positive I don’t deserve.

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat a slice of pie for me. Or the whole thing. You do you.


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